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Please contact me to see & hear a brief
selection of
my multimedia work:



I've had the great opportunity to score
the music for a
Discovery Channel
television series called "Solving

Below are links to some episodes of
the show.

You can access all of the episodes from
Solving History on both YouTube [search
"Solving History"] and at Discovery.com.

I also worked on the style-pass productions
for the Discovery series "Curiosity".

I hope you enjoy the clips.

Solving History @ Discovery.com:

Solving History


I have also scored the music for four (4)
short films for the National Parks Service
[NPS]. I was working for the Pittsburgh-
based Argentine Productions on this
series for the
Great Lakes Restoration

Emerald Ashbore - Click to Viewemerald ashbore

Spotted Knapweed - Click to ViewSpotted Knapweed

Invasive Plants - Click to View Invasive Plants

Aquatic Invaders - Click to View Aquatic Invaders


If you haven't seen the 2013 Enterprise
car commercial with our [Rusted Root] song,
Send Me On My Way, take a watch & listen.



I Executive Produced a documentary film
on school safety for the NIJ and DoJ [the
National Institute of Justice and the Dept.
of Justice]. The title of the film is
"It Can
Happen Here."

We have created a compelling film
intended to spark serious conversation
and action between school
administrators, law enforcement, first
responders and emergency
management teams.


Here is a link to our site for goverment
contracting work. The company is call
IMG - Instructional Media Group.

Instructional Media Group



big world

Big World fuses the sounds of
India, Africa, and Appalachia with
modern composition and
improvisation ... creating it's own
unique musical world.

Here's some photos from a Big World
performance at Club Cafe, in Pittsburgh,
PA. These images were taken by Jeff

Click image to view photos.



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